Renew, Revive and Restore your Shoes and Handbags

Clean, Wash, Shampoo, Protect and Recolour Shoes and Bags

Shukey Services has been established in Singapore for the last 16 years and we offer shoes, handbags repair and recolouring, besides key duplication in Suntec Cit in the last 6 years.

We’re pleased to launch our professional laundry services to include cleaning, washing, shampooing and recolouring of shoes and handbags.

You’ll be amazed  by our experience butlers who are trained to restore your old or worn-out wearing apparels to a clean state.

At Shukey, we offer the most comprehensive bags services in Singapore. 

      • Bags Color Restoration
      • Re-Coloring
      • Cleaning
      • Stain removal
      • Minimize scratches, tears, cracks
      • Stitching
      • Replace leather handles and parts
      • Replace broken zippers
      • Replace broken clasps